1. USCIS Civics Flash Cards

2. There will be many things that you won't understand

3. I thought she was just making conversation

4. Marcos Torres and the idealized U.S. citizen

5. The fragmentation of the body as a site of resistance

6. N-400 The application for naturalization

USCIS Civics Flash Cards

HD video installation / Color / Stereo / 9'

HD video instalación / Color / Stereo / 9'

The "USCIS Civics Flash Cards" is an instrument produced, used and distributed by USCIS. It is provided for applicants who wish to prepare for the history and civics test – an evaluation that takes place during the naturalization interview. The full document includes one hundred questions and answers about the history of the United States of America. By appropriating excerpts of the media, this piece aims to create a dialectical context to present the flash cards along with original field documentation in the borders between USA/Mexico (Laredo, TX) and USA/Canada (Buffalo, NY). The purpose of reusing the USCIS's imagery is to further expose a number of flaws in the construction of a sense of belonging to a nation's territory, the notion of borderlines nurtured by the paternal figure of patriotism which is materialized by means of articulating the pledge of alliance to the U.S. flag.

"USCIS Civics Flash Cards," proporciona una re-interpretación sobre las tarjetas de estudio para el "Naturalizacion Test". Estas tarjetas son proporcionadas a los solicitantes de naturalización junto con un cuaderno titulado: "Learn about the United States". Ambos documentos son utilizados como materiales de estudio para la evaluación de historia y civismo, aplicada durante la entrevista de naturalización. El documento incluye 100 preguntas y respuestas sobre la historia de los Estados Unidos. "USCIS Civics Flash Cards" es una instalación de dos canales que expone una serie de preguntas que están directamente relacionadas al tema de territorialidad y fronteras. La pieza es una respuesta frontal al ambiguo sentido de pertenencia a una nación y, al patriotismo resaltado mediante la articulación de la promesa de lealtad a la bandera norteamericana.


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